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Artist | Student | Varied
The rookie in art, still trying to improve and learn from others. The cold nemesis of Grammar and the hater of...(almost every bad thing that ever happen to me...).

A person with crazy mood swings, making the result of work going up and (way) down. Ah, but that's quite normal for me. ....and I can't work without music in the background...really. (my choice of music only.)…


[Year 2001]

"Im not here...I'm not here...I'm not here..."

"(Chuckles) Oh, child... If you're not here...then where are you?"

"You're not real...not're...."

"Hahaha....that's it. I love it when people are in denial...despair...eats you to the bones..."

Daniel shut his eyes and pressed himself to the cold wall at the end of the corridor. The lights flickered and sounds of scratches from the ceiling crept closer towards the young boy. Daniel could only cover his ears and hid his face between his knees and whimpered to himself, wishing that the coming threat wasn't real.

Wishing that it was just some bad dream and he would wake up in his room back at the mansion. It was just a bad dream. A nightmare that would end. He wasn't sick, he wasn't in this facility, he wasn't the cause of all this madness...

...He wasn't the reason why those survivors died.

..........He was.

And this sadistic monster wouldn't leave him alone.

"L-leave me alone..." Daniel whimpered.

The voice laughed, finding those word amusing. "You want me to leave you here? Don't be silly, you little pup. I know that's not what you want..." 

"Get o-out of my head..."

"You need comfort."

"I-I don't want anything f-from you."

The lights and the scratching sound suddenly stopped, replaced by dead silence. The silence was supposed to calm Daniel down but that only agitated him further. The monster loved to torture the minds of everything it came to made contact with. He knew. He knew the patterns the monster made. He witnessed that when the abomination tortured and butchered the survivors---one by one. He's the last one.


A blurry shadow of a hand---or a large claw---whatever Daniel thought he saw, suddenly came out from the wall behind him, yanked him to the wall and continued to pressed him there as if it was trying to push Daniel through it. He screamed but his voice was muffled by another shadowy hand from the wall. Struggling was no use. His entire body was pinned to the wall like a dart board. He couldn't even breathe.....

Air...air...I need...air...

.....This is a nightmare....just a....bad dream...bad dream...bad dr....b--....


I don't want to...I don't...don't...want to die....die...want to...die...d---

"Daniel. Wake up, Daniel."

Out. ...get me out...get me out of here....I'm scared...



[Year 2001, EFI Facility...]


Daniel jolted up from the ground, screaming. He glanced around the room and realized that he was in the chamber. The chromium humanoid leaned forward the glass and stared down at the panicked brunette with seemingly emotionless white eyes.


The boy didn't respond. He held himself tightly beside the cylinder containment that held the silver being, whimpering softly.


It took him a long time to calmed himself down. Daniel let out a long sigh and leaned on the machine that linked to the containment. It had been a year since other survivors died at the hand of the monster and Daniel could still hear their screams at the back of his mind. The pain....the blood...the screams...the mocking laughter...melted together in to a....

"Are you well?"  

Daniel turned to the humanoid. The being looked quite intimidating from the worm's eye view. The tall and slender form that was close to a human being, save for those three sharp spikes at the elbows, the glowing sun-shaped disk on its torso and those curved horns that protruded from its head like a crown.

"Am I well?" the boy scoffed, mildly irritated by the unwanted concern from an unfamiliar being. "What do you think? Do I look well to you?"

"Your pulse is above 100. You are distressed." The silver humanoid's head slightly tiled in confusion. "You should not. You are in no danger now."

"I am in danger. I'm always in danger ever since the first time when I woke up in this place!"

"You are in no danger. You are safe. Nothing can harm you here."

Daniel shook his head in defeat. "I don't even want to be here."

"Pointless arguement. If you were not here, you would have been perish. That---would be unacceptable."

That made Daniel feel sick. He stood up and glared at the being accusingly. "What about those survivors?!" He retorted. "Why is it just me who got out from that massacre? Are you telling me that it was alright for others to die? They were hacked, gutted, decapitated---"

"Another pointless arguement. There was nothing you and I can do. They are dead. What has been done can not be undone. Aside from that...Moon is a tenacious subject and there is little that I can---"

"Moon? You mean that monster? What do you know about it?"

There was a brief moment that silver humanoid scowled. "An uncontrollable subject. A nuisance. An imperfect being that refused to be terminated."

"Does everything must be perfect to you?!" Daniel snapped. "Everything was already perfect before this---this---disaster happen!"


"What is incorrect?!"

The being's gaze became cold and it answered after a brief silence. "Everything was not perfect. There are flaws in everything on this world. I do not know what you mean by 'disaster' but rest assure that all mistakes will be corrected. Everything will be terminated. Everything will be renewed. Everything will be perfect."

"So what are you waiting for? Why don't you just kill me?"

The silver humanoid stared at Daniel with wide eyes.


"You said everything has flaws. That means I also have flaws!" Daniel stepped closer towards the containment. "Everything will be terminated, right? Then why do you keep me alive? Why electricuted the monster away from me everytime it is close to me? Why don't you just let this Moon kill me like the rest of those survivors?! WHY?!"

"...You are perfect."


"You are different from all of them. You are perfect. You are their superior."

"Why? Because I survive and others don't?" Daniel backed away from the containment and walked towards the automatic doors.

"You may not understand this now but will."

"I will never understand you."

With that, Daniel exited the chamber and the doors shut behind him.

The hallway was quite dark despite the blue lights from the giant cylinder glass and the emergency lights. The sounds of electricity whirred through the tubes and wires that linked to the chamber almost drowned some groaning noises of the lumbering creatures. The scawny and decayed creatures didn't attack Daniel, thankfully; they only stared at the boy with cold and empty eyes.

That silver being in the chamber must have done something to these things, Daniel thought as he walked pass them. It was almost hard to believe that these frightening blue skeletal creatures with exposed ribcages and sunken red eyes were backing away from a young boy in black uniform.

Daniel suddenly stopped in the middle of the hallway.

Where was he even going? Where could he possibly go? Nowhere. The entire facility was filled with horrors and madness from the basement to this very top floor. Pure stuff of nightmares. He still remembered that decayed and blind mammal in the stairways of DBR Institute Sector, the vast tree with corpses waving the spiky roots and vines down in the Bio Labs and.....

...those poor survivors.

Something caught Daniel's attention. When he looked further down the hallway, he thought...he saw someone. At first, he thought that it was just another one of those creatures that got loose or just his sanity slipping or it was just his imagination....He shook off those thoughts when he noticed that the silhouette of---whatever or whoever that was---stood tall and straight. The next thing that surprised Daniel was when he realized that the one that he saw was wearing a dark suit.

It was like that silhouette noticed that someone saw itseslf so it limped away in the dark corners of the hallway. Somewhat against his own will, Daniel ran towards to the retreating silhouette. His instinct screamed in fright and yelled that he must not go to after the shadowy figure while his desperation and curiosity (that would get him killed one day) hoped that what he saw was another survivor.

.....turned out that his instinct was right when Daniel reached the other end of the hallway and found nobody.

.....wasn't it?

"Looking for someone, boy?"

Daniel spun around but he saw no one, not even those disgusting creatures that waddled around the area. The voice sounded like a sicken man and the source of his voice was no where to be seen. Still, Daniel knew that there was a person there despite lack of solid evidence. He just knew it.

"W-who are you? Where are you?" Daniel stuttered. Dark corners wasn't his best friend and it made him nervous. 

There was a soft chuckle before the vague answer was given. "I am no one, my boy...but soon...I'll become something beyond...perfection."


That was when Daniel froze. The presence of the shadowy figure was gone, replaced by the unwelcome cold and fear. The monster was back. The Moon was back....

"I see you finally come out from that rotten chamber to find more survivors to kill...."

Daniel took a step back to the lighted area. He glanced around and---the usual---he couldn't see the monster. The only thing he saw was those pair of golden round eyes that stared back at him from the dark.

"Ah, the sweet smell of blood do gave you pleasure, does it not? ...Well, too bad. Now that we only have these scrawny and chewy creatures around with their rotten blood, it wouldn't be as 'entertaining' as when we killed those survivors last year..."

We? Daniel flinched at that. It spoke as if....

"No. No! It was you! You killed them! I saw you dragged them away---and then you tried to kill me!"

"Oh, I didn't kill all of them, pup. I merely left some of them to be left overs for those scrawny blue fiends to fatten themselves."

Daniel suddenly found it hard to breathe. " heartless monster!" he gasped.

The voice laughed, seemingly ignoring the statement. "Now, now...don't be such a rude boy..."

"You killed them---and left the others to be killed just for your amusement! They don't deserve to die!"

"Come on now, child." the voice spoke sweetly, "Stop pretending that you actually care about those survivors...deep down, I know...oh, yes, I wanted them dead for being cruel to you and for spitting out ridiculous accusations on your father...You should be thankful. I actually did you a favor there..."

Daniel shook uncontrollably. To his own horror, part of him knew that Moon was right. He did wanted them dead.


"You wanted them dead. The heartless monster you."


The shadow of the monster came closer, sliding from the floor to the walls. Daniel couldn't find the strength to run and was forced to look at the creeping phantom with two golden round eyes. It laughed at him.

"Wanted to see a heartless monster? Wanted to see me?!" The shadow slowly phased out from the wall. The shadow shifted and formed in to a human figure that Daniel knew...or rather---saw it evertime when he looked at the metallic surface.

A slightly pointed face of a pale boy with dark brown hair dressed in dark grey uniform came out to the view. The twisted shadow of himself that almost looked identical to Daniel---saved for those beast-like claws, the wide and disturbing grin 'literally' from ear to ear...and those golden round eyes that glowed dimly.


The shadow pinned Daniel down on the floor and strangled the boy's neck, draining the air and preventing him to scream. Daniel desperately tried to pull the claws off but he didn't have to strength to do so. The mad laughter of a woman rang in his head and his visions were fading. The sense of panic was overwhelming and it clouded his mind.

The laughter was suddenly cut short and drowned by a raging roar when someone---or something yanked the monster off from Daniel. Daniel coughed out blood and tried to gasped for air but he couldn't do much even when the strong claws of that monster left his throat.

"NO! NOOOO!! LET ME GOOOAAAAGH----!!!" The rest of that were nothing more but roars and howls of a madden wild beast.

An 11 feet tall behemoth in torn blue uniform and wraped with chains roared in the monster's face before rapidly slamming it down on the metallic floor. Daniel didn't see the rest of that since he already got up and ran off from that place, not wanted to be the next one who would get killed by another terrifying creature.

The last thing that Daniel heard was the Moon, bellowing in the dark hallway.


...and that snapped his sanity in half.

The silver humanoid was startled when Daniel burst in the chamber wheezing and shaking like a frighten child and slumped down in his usual corner. The difference this time was that he was frightened to the point that the silver being started to feel uneasy.

"Daniel? What happen?"

"Leave me alone! Get away from me!"

"Daniel, you need to calm d--"

"NO!--no no---no---P-please!--nnn--no!"

The silver humanoid flinched. It knew that Daniel wasn't listening. He was too scared to be reasoned with, overwhelmed by this emotion that humans called 'fear' and ...probably experiencing what could be called as 'hallucination'. It knew that this was bound to happen one day. Now.

When Daniel looked around the chamber, he didn't see an empty chamber. Many pairs of golden round eyes stared at him from every dark corners of the chamber. They shifted and slowly creeping in, snuffing the lights out one by one to get him.


"...I'm sorry, Daniel. This is for your own good." the being waved its hand and smoke was sprayed through the air vents. It covered the entire room in seconds.

"No...I'm not....didn't....kill the....---" Daniel collapsed on the floor.

The air was cleared a few minutes later. The being was still looking at the unconscious boy when the behemoth came out from the secret door. Its face and hands were covered in blood and several chain links were cut off by something sharp.

"Is she dead?" the being asked without taking its eyes off the boy. The behemoth grunted and shook its head. The silver being scowled. It shot electricity at the behemoth in a fit rage, making it howled in pain and bent down on its knees.

"If subject D-12 is killed under your watch, do not expect any mercy from me!"

The hulking creature grunted and left the chamber. The being turned its attention to the boy again. It dimmed out the lights in the chamber, except where the boy was lying down.

"Good night, Daniel."
............"I love you---son."




Bear My Fear: Sciophobia and Paranoia

This is a "one shot' story of my main story "Bear My Fear". (Darn...that was one LONG shot...get the pun?)

Hmmm....lets just say that I wanted to fill the gap in the story. My grammar is crab (you KNOW what I mean...) and I think that I need to 'revise' the plot. I wrote Bear my fear...uh, in 2012? The plot was a 'sappy' one and I missed some minor details as well... I'll just have to fix one thing at a time., is this frightening or what?...:fear: :nuu: :sprint:

Disclaimer: Daniel Curien, Wheel of Fate (vaguely mentioned/described), Death type 0011 (mentioned), Sun type 8830 (mentioned), Fool type 0028 (mentioned), Mystery Man (vaguely mentioned) ---> House of the Dead---> SEGA
Moon type 82---> me

Zodiac: Capricorn by Multifreak99
Zodiac: Capricorn
Drew this for my classmate/friend. (Nope. She's not in Deviantart...)

She's one hell of a planner and a great consultant in class. Damn serious about group work and won't tolerate laziness/tardiness and lame excuses. Love to tease me. A LOT. Often sick due to stress in class. Overall, a good friend. Just...don't pissed her off...otherwise she can be MUCH worse than a professor...:fear:
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Copied from :iconjjjjjjfff:, :iconmariosonicfan16:, :iconannonmyous:

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