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From random stuff to personal projects and road to slow improvements...:shrug:




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Artist | Student | Varied
"I guess this is the place where I need to introduce myself.
You can see my name up there.

I am a rookie artist in the world full of various artists with different fantasies of their own. Yeah, I watched those fantasies from afar. The world of art is like a river and I just follow it. So far, I kinda like the tide.

There, probably give you some picture of my back story."

Take note:
- Grammar and I are worst enemies so don't be surprised if I typed something wrong.
- Just giving you a fair warning...I'm a moody person---and when I snapped, I do 'snap' (people's spine) hard.
- World is also a mirror. I'll respond to the way I'm treated.
- If I cross the line, just tell me WITHOUT using strong words. Please.
- Same here, if you cross my safety line, I'll tell you directly.
- For goodness sake, don't come to me and talk about relationships, I'm a terrible counselor.

(coming soon...)…
  • Mood: Dumbfounded
  • Listening to: Thomas Bergensen - Stronger Faster Braver
  • Reading: My stupid CV
  • Drinking: est
I think I did mentioned about internship, yes?
From the title and the first sentence, you fine folks can guess what's the topic's gonna be. That's right...

I'm gonna work as an Illustrator for Children's Book. Yeah, draw all those geometric shapes and curves for kids? (Depends on which age group I'll be assign for anyway.) :dummy:

That means: No blood. (Obviously) No Color Gradient, No complexity, No hidden foul messages, No violence sad faces. :stare: <"Mein Gott..."
So! My new mission within this month (and probably the next 2 months as well): practice on drawing cute stuff. Just don't feel surprise if you start seeing childish drawings for a couple of weeks on your notifications. :shrug:

Also: .....Guys, I know some of you are totally BUSY AS HECK but, a friendly reminder here: don't forget to get enough sleep. Seriously, last 2 weeks, I slept less than 5 hours and...let's just say that it was NOT a good feeling at all. That stupid freight train just won't stop running at me. Don't bother to get coffee. It ain't gonna help and they taste...bitter. "Bed is the best" is gonna be my personal motto soon.

Alright, see ya in the next journal, folks. Good night....zzzzZZzzZzzzz...:sleep:

PS. Wear socks while sleeping actually feels good. :cuddle:


"Madness is not sickness. It's the outcome of abuse and despair."
---Psychotic Freak & Conscious Slapper
"Love is a bird. Don't put it in a cage for it will die. Let it fly freely---even if one day it might never come back to us, we know it found itself in a better place."
---Metaphoric Idiot
"Free Will could be a gift or a curse for humanity. It's up to us on how we'll look at it and how we'll do with it."
---Morale Booster & Conscious Slapper
"Happy with what you have is the best thing you can do."
---Morale Booster
"Possessive friends are your prison wardens..."
---Metaphorical Idiot
"What's the point of adding more adjective words in front of the word 'friend'? That's just discriminating. In the end, we're all friends..."
---Conscious Slapper
"If a person does not do anything, how can he get any wiser?"
"How can you help others when you can't even help yourself?"
---Conscious Slapper
"A kingdom ruled by fear, rebellions are bound to happen. A kingdom ruled by respect, loyalty is absolute."
---Metaphoric Idiot
"When you can't find what you want, make one (or a few) for yourself."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't ask stupid questions about relationships. Relationship can be build without saying a word."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't feel bad if things didn't go your way. It's probably opening a way for others to go first. Yours will eventually come..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Changes in Life is like a river. You can try to fight the tides but eventually you'll get tired and possibly drown."
----Metaphoric Idiot
"There are ways to follow the river. Either jump in and let it takes you or just follow it on land. The former, you have no control over the changes. You might go down the waterfall. The latter, you can follow the river safely and avoid the waterfall where the river path splits..."
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper
"Sometimes, silence is the best answer...for any soft words could unintentionally turn in to a spark near a dormant volcano..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Pessimism and Optimism are equally good. One warned us not to be careless and told us the consequences while the other told us to look for the good in bad things in life... Balance them well."
----Conscious Slapper
"Time is no one's friend or foe. It just minding its own business and moving forward at the same pace. Don't blame it for your misfortunes..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Everything has limits...even patience and tolerance have their breaking points..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Reversed psychology? Trust me, it does not work on everyone..."
---Psychotic Freak
"Don't get mad at those who don't give you sweet words. They just don't want you to get diabetes..." (Don't spoil ya...)
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper
"...there will always be some morons who tried to pull strings from our back."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't rush people in a conversation. They are filtering sugar from bombs...and no one wants to be hit by a bomb..."
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper

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