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Artist | Student | Varied
The rookie in art, still trying to improve and learn from others. The cold nemesis of Grammar and the hater of...(almost every bad thing that ever happen to me...). I'm a 48% percent pacifist so I'll avoid conflicts whenever and however I can. (If I can't---watch out, I have plenty of 'exotic' cuss words to spare...) I'm a TERRIBLE consultant in 'sensitive' subjects so don't come to me.

A person with CRAZY mood swings, making the result of work going up and (way) down. Ah, but that's quite normal for me. ....and I can't work without music in the background...really. (my choice of music only.)…
  • Listening to: Indica - Island of Light
  • Reading: projects and assignments
  • Drinking: milk
Got this from...Zombii-Milkshake
....since I comment on her journal...Go check their gallery too when you fine folks have extra time... :thumbsup:

The first 20 people who comment on this journal will get a feature here, showing off the 3-4 deviations in your gallery I like most. And in turn you must submit a journal like this and give me the first slot of the 20 features.

1. :iconzombii-milkshake:
New Uxoturam OC (WIP) by Zombii-Milkshake Masked Creature - ??? by Zombii-Milkshake Shadowsona - Iblis WolfSkull by Zombii-Milkshake Moth Lady~ {Uncoloured} by Zombii-Milkshake

"Your artworks are quite exotic. I gotta say, I find some of them creepy---but I love them still! ^_^ The colored ones are pretty and the sketches are great---showing your imagination in various ways that I didn't think of. Keep up with the good job! :happybounce: " ---M.freak99

2. :iconmariosonicfan16:
Conductor S by mariosonicfan16 Fortune by mariosonicfan16 White Seed by mariosonicfan16 Kate's New Style by mariosonicfan16

"Gotta say, I like your style on drawing characters. I also like your free verse poems too but since this is limit of 4 pics, I'll just let others know that they should check your wonderful poems. Keep up with your great efforts! I know others will support you too. Keep up the great work and have fun! :-) " ---M.Freak99

3. :iconannonmyous:
Bio: Council OneHere's my bio of Council One:
Age: 14
In every city there's always a leader and Council One (Julie Kit) is the new leader of Council City (Los Angeles). She may sound like an adult but in reality, she's 14-years old that's because she's smarter than all the brilliant people combined. She also likes the color purple, in fact everything you see on her is purple, even her eyes. She also has a huge temper, a temper so big she makes the Hulk look like a playground bully. Despite her leadership she has a dark secret. She wasn't born on Earth, she was born on the planet Yeerk; which is a planet containing parasites. Her father Visser Three (Victor Trent) was a great war general who fought in the Yeerk-Andilite war of 2000. He adopted Julie and her two siblings because they were the first humans born on the planet. Julie and her sister Penelope escaped to Earth because of a terrible event that happened on Yeerk. When the B.S.E occurred, Julie rose up to become leader of Coun
  Backstory: R.KTime: 12/21/12 1:15 P.M
Location: Buena Park
A young boy going by the name of Kevin had just finished another day at his high school. His parents had picked him up in a mini van. His father drove the van while his mom sat in the front passenger seat.
"How was your day at school?" The father asked.
"It was great." Kevin said, "I can't wait for Christmas to come."
"We want to surprise you with something." The mother said.
"What is it?"
"Since you've made it to the end of the year with good grades, we're letting you decide which place you want to go and eat."
"Alright!" Kevin said with excitement, "Let's go to Home Town Buffet."
But their evening that night never came to be because it happened.
A large supernova called the B.S.E, thousand times powerful than hydrogen bombs occurred in L.A. 
The van was already on the crossovers of the 91 and the 5 freeways so when the explosion occurred, the van got pushed off the 91 and landed on the 5, 10 stories below. The van exploded killing the
  Backstory: Council OneTime: 5/12/1999 9:30 A.M
Location: Planet Yeerk
I remember my birth so clearly. My mother she was so pretty, my father a strong man with a great beard but I knew it was his true form, I knew he was an Andilite Controller. My brother for the first time I thought I gained a new friend or so I thought. My brother George was a predictor, he believed that he could change human nature and make the world a better place. Then came Formula X, it was developed during the height of the Cold War. I had no idea what it was made of but I heard its purpose was to turn any individual into an unnaturally strong super solider. Unfortunately it ended up become a zombie virus and was later forgotten. My brother found it recently during the Yeerk-Andilate War of 2000 and his work experiments went crazy and finally he decided that humans are rude and corrupt and that they shouldn't govern themselves. My sister and I managed to escape our home planet when our brother spread the virus around. When he found th
  Intromuttction“The Planet 39us a planet that is Earth when the real world and the fiction world combined after the Blade Ship Explosion. It was a peaceful world until a young 14 year old girl named Julie Kit now calling herself Council One took over 39us capital city of Los Angles with her army of mutts which were mutated animal soldiers who were mutated during the Explosion and turned it into Council City threating to take over the world. However one person, a 14-year-old cyborg named R.K decided to stop her reign of terror and bring back peace. With his team the R.K club, R.K was certain to stop Council One and her Council Clan to a crashing defeat”
R.K the Cyborg in “Intromuttuction”
   Our story begins when R.K and his dinosaur buddy Yoshi enter into what looked like a deserted town.
 R.K was a regular kid long time ago, but a car crash along with the terrible Blade Ship Explosion changed all that. When R.K got to the hospital after the

"Your stories are fun to read. Fast pace and sparks the images/imaginations to readers. Great! 'Bio' for your characters are nicely described (something that I'm not very good at...LOL). Wish others will come and have a look at your stuff. Great job, pal. You're on your way to be a great writer Keep up the great work. :clap:"
---- M.Freak99

4. :iconthechaosruler:
The glorious Queen by TheChaosRuler Dark Grodus by TheChaosRuler Rainbow curse by TheChaosRuler Meta knight in dark by TheChaosRuler

"Well, your pics are nice---and your painting skills is way better than mine. :rofl:... While I like your drawings and sketches and all, I suggest that you should also try something else too---aside from game characters. Ya can try to make your own OC or---eh, maybe a conceptual photos? It's up to ya... Anyways, keep ya head high and have fun. :nod:"

5. :iconowenizer100:
Owl thing by owenizer100 Untitled by owenizer100 Liquify by owenizer100 idk...again by owenizer100

"I find your photoshop skills interesting. Well, I never try photomanipulaton or whatever they call it these days...but I love the pics that you make. Somehow, whenever I look at your work, I always get that feeling that you have your personal concept in every pics---even if you said you have none. So, great work, pal! Keep up ya great work! :salute:"

6. : iconbranmuffinpower:
Reunited (Color) by branmuffinpower The Blood Raven by branmuffinpower Armored Up by branmuffinpower Asheara's Company by branmuffinpower

"Hey there. I like your D2 artworks. They're amazing, made a fan like me smile with satisfaction. Hey, I also like your other artwork too---not just D2. You have your own style in drawing pics and---salute to your digital art skills there---made me wanna practice more. Colors, shadings and composition of the pics are with great quality. Keep up your great skills, pal. You also have other friends who look up to your works. :handshake: "

7. :iconstellarwatcher:
2014-4-12 Luna Moth Honora lineart by StellarWatcher 2-22-2013 Dimitry by StellarWatcher  2014-11-15 Janus by StellarWatcher 2014-10-24 Art Trade Shana by StellarWatcher

"Your artworks, I must say, have this distinguish style that I find attractive. Your work (aside from Kirby-theme art) got my attention and they showed me that you put your efforts in them. From your gallery, I can see that you've been improving your skills. The progress in making characters is sweet. Overall, I hope others will browse your stuff and see them for themselves. Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:"



"Sometimes, silence is the best answer...for any soft words could unintentionally turn in to a spark near a dormant volcano..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Pessimism and Optimism are equally good. One warned us not to be careless and told us the consequences while the other told us to look for the good in bad things in life... Balance them well."
----Conscious Slapper
"Time is no one's friend or foe. It just minding its own business and moving forward at the same pace. Don't blame it for your misfortunes..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Everything has limits...even patience and tolerance have their breaking points..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Reversed psychology? Trust me, it does not work on everyone..."
---Psychotic Freak
"Don't get mad at those who don't give you sweet words. They just don't want you to get diabetes..." (Don't spoil ya...)
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper
"...there will always be some morons who tried to pull strings from our back."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't rush people in a conversation. They are filtering sugar from bombs...and no one wants to be hit by a bomb..."
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper
"Truth hurts like a pain---and it's the pain that makes us strong...only if you accept the pain."
---Conscious Slapper
"Put Word and Action on a scale. Action always weight heavier than Word..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Putting words in one's mouth is not just rude, it takes away one's right to speak for oneself and wreck the image of oneself..."
---Conscious Slapper
"There's no use in lying because truth will find a way to reveal itself eventually..."
---Conscious Slapper
"The greatest secret of all is to not know it at all." (By knowing it, one can't keep his mouth shut for long.)"
---Conscious Slapper
"People's standards are different so don't get pissed off at people who don't understand or don't agree with you."
---Conscious Slapper
"Snap the patience of a person is like poking a sleeping dragon..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Man makes his enemies, Consideration makes friends..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Life is a BIG stage play...where everyone has their own role to perform."
"Fantasy world is a sweet place but one can easily get lost in it. Don't fall for its luring charms...we all have reality to go back to, no matter how boring it is..."
"There's always one person who knows all the bad stuff that one do: Himself."

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