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From random stuff to personal projects and road to slow improvements...:shrug:



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Artist | Student | Varied
The rookie in art, still trying to improve and learn from others. The cold nemesis of Grammar and the hater of...(almost every bad thing that ever happen to me...). I'm a 48% percent pacifist so I'll avoid conflicts whenever and however I can. (If I can't---watch out, I have plenty of 'exotic' cuss words to spare...) I'm a TERRIBLE consultant in 'sensitive' subjects so don't come to me.

A person with CRAZY mood swings, making the result of work going up and (way) down. Ah, but that's quite normal for me. ....and I can't work without music in the background...really. (my choice of music only.)…
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Nightwish - Amaranth
  • Reading: projects and other stuff
  • Eating: squid
  • Drinking: milk
Ah, University...thou art vexing as a dagger in the sheath...posing to strike my--- :slap: <"Enough with the Shakespeare lingo! What's going on?!" :O_o:

...(Ahem)...Warning here folks. If you are currently having a bad day right now, don't read this. Your stress level might 'sky-rocket' through the ceiling. :sprint:

So... I recall that I told ya once that I don't want to complain about my university that often since this ain't a complaining site. Sorry...but ever since some idiot on the other social media won't keep his mouth shut, this is the only place that he can't find me. I wanted to brief ya what's happening....and what's about to happen.

I know, I know. I did mentioned in previous journals that I'll be free after April since that's my last month of this semester. ...yup, you guessed correctly. Stuff happen again. THIS ONE, however, I'm certain that you all have...(or had) to go through when you're studying.

One simple word, everyone: Internship

That's right. That is bound to happen. Right after my semester ends, I'll be going out to do random jobs---I mean Internship to get experience (and to know how other employees handle their annoying boss) and to get an 'approve paper' from them since this is REQUIRED for me to pass my 3rd year. :nuu: :eyepopping: :nuu:

....yeah, what a life. Eventful and painfully predictable. I'll try to enjoy that as much as I can...(emphasize on the word "can" and "try") :stare:'t be surprise if I don't submit ya pending requests immediately after April. ...Hmm, look at this on the plus side. If the internship involves drawing and art stuff, I can get a chance to improve and widen my perspectives---and can improve drawings on your requests stuff.
:happybounce: <"Now who wouldn't want that?" 

If there's at least some free time in the internship schedule, I'll just stop by and maybe share ya some stuff that I did. :shrug:

Well, that's all for now. Hope stuff will get better for everybody---and me. -_-'
See ya later, folks. :wave:

PS. of my classmates actually encouraged me to make more weird cooking recipes...O_o!!! So...who's up for "Cheese-coated Apple" with a side dish of "Mashed Potato N Raisins"? :nuu: <"I'll try hard not to set the kitchen on fire this time, I promise."


"If a person does not do anything, how can he get any wiser?"
"How can you help others when you can't even help yourself?"
---Conscious Slapper
"A kingdom ruled by fear, rebellions are bound to happen. A kingdom ruled by respect, loyalty is absolute."
---Metaphoric Idiot
"When you can't find what you want, make one (or a few) for yourself."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't ask stupid questions about relationships. Relationship can be build without saying a word."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't feel bad if things didn't go your way. It's probably opening a way for others to go first. Yours will eventually come..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Changes in Life is like a river. You can try to fight the tides but eventually you'll get tired and possibly drown."
----Metaphoric Idiot
"There are ways to follow the river. Either jump in and let it takes you or just follow it on land. The former, you have no control over the changes. You might go down the waterfall. The latter, you can follow the river safely and avoid the waterfall where the river path splits..."
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper
"Sometimes, silence is the best answer...for any soft words could unintentionally turn in to a spark near a dormant volcano..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Pessimism and Optimism are equally good. One warned us not to be careless and told us the consequences while the other told us to look for the good in bad things in life... Balance them well."
----Conscious Slapper
"Time is no one's friend or foe. It just minding its own business and moving forward at the same pace. Don't blame it for your misfortunes..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Everything has limits...even patience and tolerance have their breaking points..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Reversed psychology? Trust me, it does not work on everyone..."
---Psychotic Freak
"Don't get mad at those who don't give you sweet words. They just don't want you to get diabetes..." (Don't spoil ya...)
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper
"...there will always be some morons who tried to pull strings from our back."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't rush people in a conversation. They are filtering sugar from bombs...and no one wants to be hit by a bomb..."
---Metaphoric Idiot & Conscious Slapper
"Truth hurts---and it's the pain that makes us strong...only if you accept it."
---Conscious Slapper
"Put Word and Action on a scale. Action always weight heavier than Word..."
---Conscious Slapper
"Putting words in one's mouth is not just rude, it takes away one's right to speak for oneself and wreck the image of oneself..."
---Conscious Slapper
"There's no use in lying because truth will find a way to reveal itself eventually..."
---Conscious Slapper
"The greatest secret of all is to not know it at all." (By knowing it, one can't keep his mouth shut for long.)"
---Conscious Slapper
"People's standards are different so don't get pissed off at people who don't understand or don't agree with you."
---Conscious Slapper

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