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  • Mood: Delighted
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Good news. No complains in this journal. Bad news--- :slap: <"NONE!"
Yeah, honest here, no bad news.
Make the long story short:
Weeks ago, my old friend from highschool came to me, asking for help. He had this "children's book" project but he didn't have time to do it since he had exams so he had to review HARD. (When he asked me...he said that he didn't sleep well for the 3 nights straight. Oh, by Hecknon... :eyepopping: )

So, I helped him make the children's book---and it was done. (Yeah, like 2 weeks ago...)

NOW: I received a call from him and he said that he want to pay me in cash for helping. (His exams? he didn't talk much about it. He only said that "it could be worse...") If not paying in cash, at least, he said, that he will invite me for lunch---and he'll pay for the meal. (What a guy...:shrug: )

What can I say? If not the cash--then it's a meal. One way or the other, he said, to repay for the help. (Gratitute = the best trait that a person can have...and I'm melting...) If I refuse both offer, he'll keep asking me about it so...I picked the meal. (Why didn't I just take the cash? Uh, it's hard to explain. I feel like a hired worker but---I'm not! I'm helping a friend here so no need for cash. Just between pals, right?) <---told ya, it's HARD to explain.

It ain't a date. That, I want to make it perfectly clear. I don't want some guy to put a chain around my neck and step in my space anyway. :fork:

One more thing. My last journal about the Sculpture class...
I come to my senses and...notice that I already have this 3D modeling class... It's pretty much the same as Sculpture. :shrug:
Plus, I heard from my classmates that I can change subjects. So...I MIGHT change my Web Design subject to Book Illustration subject---if I can.

:dummy: <"Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *mumble like an idiot*"

So, that's one blissful journal. :-)
I hope my next journal would be as pleasant as this one too. :-)
See ya! :wave: :party: :dance: :boogie:

PS. (HahahahahahaHAhahaHAHAhAHa!) ----> :fork:
....seriously, don't do that to anyone. Please. It's hilarious but don't...


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Artist | Student | Varied
The rookie in art, still trying to improve and learn from others. The cold nemesis of Grammar and the hater of...(almost every bad thing that ever happen to me...).

A person with crazy mood swings, making the result of work going up and (way) down. Ah, but that's quite normal for me. ....and I can't work without music in the background...really. (my choice of music only.)…

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