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From random stuff to personal projects and road to slow improvements...:shrug:




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Artist | Student | Varied
"I guess this is the place where I need to introduce myself.
You can see my name up there.

I am a rookie artist in the world full of various pro artists with different fantasies of their own. Yeah, I watched other people's stuff and I gotta say..."mind blown". So thanks, I have to find the other half of my brain. Again.

I'm trying to improve my skills in making art. The progress is so slow but better than no improvement at all. Various stuff to try.
I may not be a pro like others but at least I did my best learning from the best. :salute:

There, probably give you some picture of my back story."

Take note:
- Grammar and I are worst enemies so don't be surprised if I typed something wrong.
- Just giving you a fair warning...I'm a moody person.
- World is also a mirror. I'll respond to the way I'm treated.
- If I cross the line, just tell me WITHOUT using strong words. Please.
- Same here, if you cross my safety line, I'll tell you directly.
- For goodness sake, don't come to me and talk about relationships, I'm a terrible counselor.

  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: X Ray Dog- Leap of Faith
  • Eating: Steamed Egg
  • Drinking: Water
Hey...I don't think I'll be here often or longer than 20 minutes.
No, no, no, I'm not leaving DA. Calm down. :O_o:

Point is---from my previous journal, you probably already know that it's my last semester. Stuff is still light in university now but it'll be harder soon as weeks progress. So...while things are still light and while I still have more free time, this is my...well, last Reqs, ATs and Gifts before I 'disappear' til May. 
I might come in here and check from time to time but each log in would be less than 20 minutes.

So...probably the same number as last time. (7 people)
Just pick 1 option please whether you want a Request ,AT or Gift for a friend.
1 option per person so I don't want to see a requester asking for more than 1 thing. Traditional stuff, that means I'll draw black n white pic...unless you want them in colors. (Just tell me in the comment in details, that would nice. If there are reference pics, that would help me a lot too.) :-) know the rules, I don't draw adult subjects. OCs are fine, just make sure they aren't clashing with the previous statement. I have the right to refuse if I don't want to do it. Don't worry, if I refuse, I'll tell you why. (You probably have to think of another option or pic idea).

Alright, that's pretty much all from me in this journal. :peace:
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Snow Castle- Tekken soundtrack
  • Drinking: Water
Dear Mr. Open Journal,

University already semester actually. It's both good news and bad news, all in one.

Good news: Yeah! Final semester! It's gonna end soon somewhere in May.
Bad news: Oh no, it's ending! I...either have to find a real job real quick or find a new place to study for 'masters'. O_O Tough choice. It'll be one heck of a road ahead. I need new wheels---wait, what am I saying? :facepalm:

Oh well, everyone has to go through that decisions at some point anyway. :shrug: So this sounds very normal for all of my pals.

Alright, enough with my study life, I'll tell you about something else too.

I've been thinking. I bought books and looked through tutorials on the internet about shadows and shading. So far...slight improvement. So here's the thing:
I have some sculpting clay in my house. I have to sculpt the humanoid figure up and use my flashlight to change the light directions. That way I can see clearly. Call it a small studio to observe the light and shadow. That might help me a little more too. A 360 turn around with different light sources.

Small note to self: animation practice needs more improvement. 1 major comic strip and 4 more side project comics. ...and stop eating chocolate! :stare:...oh.

Man, time still flies. We all better catch up. It's already half of January. Before we know it, it'll be February. Oh geez. Say, if the work aren't so hard to handle in February, I'll open the next requests, trades and gifts. ...who knows, I 'might' make them 'digital' next time. (Which means it'll be a looooong wait from me, folks...) :faint: :shrug: :eyepopping: :nuu:

That's all I wanted to say for now, Mr. Open Journal. I hope next time I write, I can tell you more about what's going on in the university. There might be some crazy incidents again. Lots of crazy and hilarious stuff happen quite often; giving life more spices, I guess. I might even catch some good ideas too. :-)

End of journal.


"Your words tell others who you are and your actions tell others what you are."
---Metaphoric Idiot.
"You can do anything with time. You can give, share, play and kill. One thing you can't do is to take it back. So, think carefully on what to do with it because everyone has his/her own time limit."
---Conscious Slapper
"Each step closer to your life goal is always a hard one but it gives you a sense of achievement which encourages you to keep going."
---Morale Booster
"Success always comes after many failures. That is how we learn." 
---Conscious Slapper
"Stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, compare yourself with yesterday. How much have you improve to be a better person?"
---Conscious Slapper & Everyone else
"The world maybe gray and dark but it's up to us to decide what color it is."
---Morale Booster & Conscious Slapper
"Greatest challenge of students is to know the difference between dreams and illusions."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't judge the country by a person's action. Judge him/her as an individual instead."
---Conscious Slapper 
"It's great to spend your time for others but don't forget to spend time for yourself as well."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't look at troubles as obstacles. See them as challenges: How will we deal with them?"
---Morale Booster & Conscious Slapper
"The word 'best friend' should not exist. It'll make others jealous."
---Psychotic Freak
"Love is a bird. Don't put it in a cage for it will die. Let it fly freely---even if one day it might never come back to us, we know it found itself in a better place."
---Metaphoric Idiot
"Free Will could be a gift or a curse for humanity. It's up to us on how we'll look at it and how we'll do with it."
---Morale Booster & Conscious Slapper
"Happy with what you have is the best thing you can do."
---Morale Booster
"Possessive friends are your prison wardens..."
---Metaphorical Idiot
"If a person does not do anything, how can he get any wiser?"
"How can you help others when you can't even help yourself?"
---Conscious Slapper
"A kingdom ruled by fear, rebellions are bound to happen. A kingdom ruled by respect, loyalty is absolute."
---Metaphoric Idiot
"When you can't find what you want, make one (or a few) for yourself."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't ask stupid questions about relationships. Relationship can be build without saying a word."
---Conscious Slapper
"Don't feel bad if things didn't go your way. It's probably opening a way for others to go first. Yours will eventually come..."
---Conscious Slapper

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